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Pediatric Chiropractic in
Green Bay

Giving Kids a Great Start

We love caring for kids at Turning Point Chiropractic! Often parents ask us why their children need chiropractic care, since they don’t have back pain. We love answering this question, because chiropractic care is about creating and maintaining a healthy functioning nervous system. By removing nerve interference through safe, gentle chiropractic adjustments, your child’s nervous system can function as it’s supposed to. And when their nervous system works well, the rest of their body can follow suit.

Adjusting kids sets the tone for optimal growth and development throughout their entire life.
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Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Care

In addition to providing a solid foundation for optimal development, chiropractic care helps with a number of childhood issues, such as:

  • Latching/feeding
  • Sleep
  • Colic
  • Reflux
  • Immune function
With a properly functioning nervous system, your child’s immune system will also function better, meaning they get sick a lot less often.

Newborn adjustment

Our Approach to Care

At your child’s first visit, we will go over their health history with you, including details of their birth, as well as your health goals for them. We’ll do a thorough assessment, using posture assessment as an objective measure, instead of X-rays, when possible. We’ll go over all our findings and explain our plan for care.

Adjustments for children are much gentler than for adults, often just a sustained contact of about the same pressure you’d use to check a tomato for ripeness. Both Dr. Leah and Dr. Brooke have extensive postgraduate training in the care of infants and children.

Putting Kids and Parents at Ease

Some kids are nervous about seeing any kind of doctor, so we assure them that nothing we do hurts. They can bring a toy, and we’ll demonstrate an adjustment on the toy—or on Mom or Dad. We’re great at communicating with kids and taking the time to let them trust us. And we assure nervous parents that chiropractic is safe, gentle, and highly effective for children as young as a few minutes old.

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